Water Hall, Penistone

Water Hall


The Wordsworths of Water Hall

A History Time Line

1408: The origins of the Wordsworth’s name may be from Wardleworth, near Halifax. A Nicolas de Wordulworth was recorded in 1408 in Penistone. A William Wordelsworth was recorded here in 1441.

1459-1495: William Wordsworth became chaplain of the Lady Chapel in St John’s Church and then the vicar of Penistone.

1530: Chapel in St John’s was rebuilt by William and Johanne Wordsworth.

1566: Edmund Marsden, husband of Jennet Marsden nee. Wordsworth dies. Ralph and James Marsden were his sons.

4th November 1575: Bargain and sale records a Thomas Wordsworth of Softeley with messuages etc in Carlecotes.

1577: Final concord written 15 days from Easter concerning Thomas Wordsworth Pl.v. Thomas Barnaby and wife Beatrice , def. One messuage, 2 cottages, 1 barn, 2 gardens, 1 orchard, 100 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture, 26 acres of wood, 100 acres of furze and heath, , 40 acres of moor in Carlecotes for £80.

1580: 2nd February quitclaim: William Barnaby of Clayton Hall and Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas Wordsworth of Softeley all right and title to one farm called Softeley par. {by} Penistone of annual value of 20s which Thomas Barnaby granted to William and Elizabeth {Wordsworth} for life.

1589: A will by widow Jennet Marsden in which she described Thomas Wordsworth as her brother and Margaret Haigh as her sister. Strangely Jennet and Margaret are not mentioned in Thomas Wordsworth’s will of 1556. a Wordsworth named ‘Thurlstone’ may have been the real father of Jennet and Margaret.

1593: December 1st will and probate of Thomas Wordsworth of Softeley par. Penistone his husbandry gear {Farm implements} to his son John one third of his lands, one third of his lease of Wyndleden, and one third of the rest of his goods: to his wife Margaret {?}. After several small legacies the remainder to be divided between his daughters, Margaret Hague, Jennet and Elizabeth Wordsworthe {sic}. Probate dated 18th April 1594.

1594: 19th October – Inquest post mortem taken at Barnsley of Thomas Wordsworthe. The jurors say he was seized {?} of one messuage in Carlecotes in Thurlsston Mere and land belonging to it, a close called Roghebank in Carlecotes held of Ed. Savile as the manor of Thurlstone in free and common scotage and a rent of 14s p.a.. And the value is above 30s. He died on December 9th last and John Wordsworthe is his son and next heir {he} is 33 years old.

1598: Elizabeth Micklethwaite born on 5th February at Swaithe Hall ( {re-}built by Richard Mickelthwaite in 1618. She was to become the wife of Ralph Wordsworth. Raffe {Ralph?} Marsden was the son of Edmund Marsden and Jennet {Janet} Marsden nee. Wordsworth (See later.)
Nether Mill was around this time owned by the Wordsworth family.

1604: Commission for trustees of Penistone (Grammar) School included John Sotwell (Of Cat Hill Hall), Gregory Wordsworth and John Wordsworth.

1652: 22nd April Sylvanus Rich (of Bullhouse) married Mary, daughter of Ralph Wordsworth of Water Hall.

1665: November 11th Elizabeth, wife of Ralph Wordsworth dies aged 68 years. Her maiden name was Micklethwaite.

1677: Commissioners of Penistone School included Josias Wordsworth.

1724: Richard Wordsworth recorded as mercer and grocer had goods in his warehouse valued at £162

1755: 10th March Wm. Wordsworth starved to death on (Woodhead) moor.

1673: Josias Wordsworth of Water Hall is the main subscriber to the building of the Cloth Hall in Penistone.

16th and 17th century: The Wordsworths spread out to Softeley, Schole Hill, Shepherd’s Castle, Carlecotes, Thurlstone, Brookhouse at Langsett and Swaith (Worsboro).

18th Century: the Wordsworths became Lords of the Manor of Penistone.

1862: Wireworks owned by Joseph William Wordsworth near to the current Winterbottoms factory in Oxspring.

18th century: the Wordsworths moved to Sheffield, London and Wadsworth.

19th century: the main members of the influential local family, the Wordsworths had almost disappeared from Penistone