Crow Edge Chapel. Ref 7070

Crow Edge

Crow Edge is a hamlet in Dunford Civil Parish. It’s name derives from ‘the edge frequented by crows’. It  is located 2 miles south-east of Hepworth, West Yorkshire.

From about 1857 Crow Edge has become  home for the Hepworth Iron Company’s coal mines, fire clay pits (Gannister) and clay products works, later Hepworth Building Products Ltd. Pipe works.

From 1850-1950 Hazelhead Bridge Railway Station, on the Sheffield, Aston-Under-Lyne and Manchester Railway on the Woodhead Line provided a service for those in Crow Edge, linked by a bus which went on to Huddersfield.

From 1850-1964 there was goods traffic on the Woodhead Line and a link to the Crow Edge works.

Until 1974 Crow Edge formed part of Penistone Rural District.