The Rose and Crown, 1749 – 1868

Kevin Neill has produced an interesting and detailed study about the history of the Rose and Crown.

The Rose and Crown used to be a the major coaching Inn at Penistone and rather than being a single building as we all remember it, it was actually a complex of many buildings serving different functions.

It occupied the whole of the space occupied by modern-day Schofield’s Butchers and the offices of Pennine Law and Butcher residential (formerly the Rose and Crown) and everything in between.

The main premises went as far back as the entrance to the old vicarage (where Pride and Groom now stands) and even had a garden where Kingswell Surgery now is – the top of Shrewsbury Road didn’t exist and the main route coaches took out of Penistone was down Church Street.

Kevin’s article is based on extensive research into rare archive material including some of Dransfield’s old plans and documents. New information is still coming to light – any updates will be published here as soon as they are available.

Thanks to Kevin for allowing us to share his work here.

You can download a PDF of his work at the links below.

The Rose and Crown, 1749 – 1868 (150 dpi, 2.72MB)

The Rose and Crown, 1749 – 1868 (200 dpi, 4.8MB)

Below is a selection of images from the article.

Kevin Neill is a retired teacher from Penistone Grammar School (who may have taught some of you!). His research into Penistone and its history is ongoing and he recently published work about the evolution of the modern game of football and its connection with Penistone and Thurlstone which you can read about here.