The new Penistone Archive Website is Launched

We’ve finally managed to get our website into a presentable state. It’s been “nearly ready” for a few months but we now feel that we’ve reached a half-decent starting point…

This is for the people of Penistone so we’d like to offer you the opportunity to have some input. If you have any suggestions about how we could improve the site then please feel free to let us know. If you spot any mistakes we’ll rectify them straight away; if you have ideas for galleries or articles we’ll see what we can do.

And if you’d like to contribute, either for a news item or something that could fit within the main sections of the site then please let us know.

We’re aiming to add new sections every month or so – perhaps even more frequently if time allows. Exhibitions we have in the future in the Community centre will hopefully have a permanent place of sorts here. If you missed one of them then write to us and we’ll see if we can upload a version here.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a substitute for our Facebook page. As you know, some things get “lost” or forgotten over time on Facebook, so we’ll be adding relevant items from there on our news pages.

What this site is not…

This isn’t an academic site – we haven’t attempted to provide detailed histories here. We do have some background information but not to the extent of the publications sat on our heaving shelves. So this is a taster of what we have in the archive itself; a sort of invitation to come along and see what we have.