The Penistone Almanack

The Penistone Almanack was published annually between 1894 to 1958 by JH Wood, The Don Press. A special, one-off edition was published in 1984.

There a large collection of original copies in The Penistone Archive and we’re slowly but surely digitising all them. The PDF copies here are low resolution versions so that download times are kept to a minimum. If you’d like to see high resolution versions please get in touch. Better still, why not come to The Archive and view the originals?

All the copies below are searchable PDFs. However, this isn’t always reliable so if you’re looking through these for something in particular and a search doesn’t reveal what you want, it might be worth double-checking and going through the PDF page by page. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the technology and the occasional lack of definition of the source text.